Weekend break

Hello everyone! As am writing this, am on my way back to the much loved land, the land below the wind !!

Okay, how do I start? It’s been such a hectic (i mean, like almost to death kinda hectic with tense and long hours of working for the past few week. This week is even worse, I have presentation/ meetings all over Penang, Bertam and Sg Petani for all major projects am handling. It’s been back to back overtime/presentation/meeting where everyday I’ll go somewhere with the boss and other LAs. Yes, we’re always last minutes & my schedule is packed to the roof. I can’t just sit down still in the office, as am juggling between client calls, contractors & chasing authority, on top of that, to come up with a design, almost everyday.

This is insane life !! I am exhausted, I look like am 35 and my shoulder is stiff as hell. I need to destress myself and rejuvenate for another crazy weeks ahead. As of today, my Friday started off with mid-morning presentation/meeting with one of the toughest client to handle. Am bringing the top gun today. The meeting went on till my lunch time is over. The boss drop us back to the office and me and the junior LA went for leisure lunch at tesco. Upon returning back to the office, am back juggling things so that I can leave the office early to catch on my connecting flight to KL at 7.40pm. Luckily, I don’t have check-in baggage and I web checked in the night before.

I was still in stress (thinking, planning and worrying for next week task when I was on board from Penang to KL. and guess what? My turquoise bag handle snapped at the Penang airport and gave me suc trouble to carry my backpack, the turquoise and my top handle bag. I of course intended to buy a weekend, cabin bag for quite sometime now and I can’t settle for any cuz am eyeing on the backpack-cum luggage kinda bag. There’s one at the airport but selling half a thousand but the bag features so many strap that it look ugly. I settled for American tourister rather than samsonite that cost twice the price (600rm for small luggage is simply, unacceptable, sorry, am being a cheapskate here).

I bought another box of Godiva for the man that I love too. Mind you, every time I go anywhere, I’ll buy him chocolates. I even bought it as far as from Germany. Dad always love chocolate and that made him happy. And also as a bribe, so that he won’t complain that I’m going back in such a short period. I’m sorry, but your daughter has a big dream and ambition catch/run to :p you brought me up to be over-achiever :p

Anyway, as for why am going back home this week, it’s my best friend wedding !!
I missed the sangeet night tonite 😦 but I’ll be there for the morning ceremony at the gurdwaras. I’ll be going there tomorrow with my mom and my other friend 🙂 can’t wait to wear my first salwar kameez :). It’s modestly traditional 🙂 I hope I look good in that 🙂

I hope for fun weekend filled with love and laughter. It’s going to be a dread to fly back to Penang.

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