Reality hit

I started blogging years ago because I don’t have much friends to share what’s inside my head. I don’t have the love ones to moan and groan about tiny little things. I treated blog as my friend. Maybe it’s my fault I go overboard my over-sharing my feelings here. I am sorry. I am just a human, I just need somebody to listen, or read what’s inside my head. I may be attention seeker, but, don’t we all?

Do you share your happiness news or some funny little things that happened to someone? Do you complaint about getting summons from the automated speed trap? Don’t you share those stories to at least one person? Yes you do. You can’t keep that story to yourself. Or else it will build up inside your head & waiting to explode.

It’s the basic human communication everyone crave for. Don’t blame me for doing the same too.
am in Penang now, getting lonelier than over. The only thing that keep me sane (and going cuckoo sometime) is my work. Other than that, I have nothing here.

Friends, yes, I have a few of them, but they are busy with their life too. Family? I leave them back all in KK, just because I want to pursue my dream. And to be different.
When you take that dream out of me, what do I have left? Nothing.
I was said to be real. What if real doesn’t have anything?
I am plain, bleak, quiet person when you take that hype away from me. I am nothing.
I have nothing. Nothing to grip on, nothing to hold on, nothing to worth living for.

Love? Where is the love? What do you define by love when you can’t get hold of it because it’s … almost impossible to make it real?
Do I still stand on the ground? Or do I close my eyes & pretend it’s real.
I can’t have you, and let’s be real with that.
You can have me, because I sacrifice my life & i directed my life to suit what’s convenient for you.
But do you do the same for me?

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