Awesome August

Hey blogosphere! I know this site has been dormant for almost half a year. I need my time, in real world to sort out my goals, aims & prioritize. I think I am ready to share my life back here. I hope my loyal reader still there. Or it’s just me ranting alone, and using up spaces in this world wide web.
It’s August 2012, and I am still living in Penang Island. I’ve been working as landscape architect for a year now, I got my neo for almost a year too ( it’s time to renew car insurance & road tax, haha), I got offer letter to pursue my PhD. I travelled to 7 different countries so far this year, weehoo!
I’ve experience part of Europe. I’ve gained few pounds, yucks. But my bossoms’ getting yummier so I ain’t complaining on that part. And, most of all, I am experiencing freedom in adulthood.
I mean, I am beginning to be an adult rather than just young adult. Taking more responsibilities towards myself, organizing life, etc. and, no, am not married yet.
There’s a lot to share here and I can’t wait to write everything about my life for the past 8 months. Oh please bear with me. I am anticipated to share with you where to go, places to see, what to eat in Penang and places that I’ve been to.
This week, I’ll challenge myself to overcome my uttermost phobia, and to tick off the item that has been in my resolution list for years. I am terrified but at the same time, I can’t wait to experience new things.
I miss Kota Kinabalu so badly, I haven’t been home since January 2012. This is the longest that I’ve been away from KK, ever. I can’t wait to go back home and see my parents, and my beautiful KK city!

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