Towards 2013

I started a new self, new routine this Syawal after coming back from KK. I clean up my closet, my room, car, sort out my mind and rearrange my heart for new things. I anticipate good new things to come to me. Amen.

I started to work on my 5 years old resolution, to get rid of the hydro phobic and started to learn on how to swim. I went fo my second lesson today. The instructor teaches me on the syncing between my breathing and kicking. It’s all peanuts fo you my dear reader but it’s a high milestone for me. I am terribly scared to put my head in the water, I managed to submerged for half a minute, and trying to keep myself submerged (though I’m struggling to deny the natural buoyancy). My mind and body is learning, gaining experience from my constant practice in the water. I am a bit still, and outta rhythm, but when I point out that to her, she corrected me and I worked on the fault and to trust my body, and I began to relax. I managed to get the last lap right, and I ended the lesson for today with flying colors. Ah, am so proud of myself (give self-pat), and I can’t wait for the next lesson.

Talking about next lesson, ah hate it when I won’t be around Penang every other weekend. I never been in Penang anymore, over the weekend since, last July? I don’t know. I am either busy working over the weekend or I’ll be away. So, next week I’ll be in KL, and there goes my lesson. I gotta make time for one evening in weekday.

My aim is to know how to do breaststroke before my Phuket trip. Yes, I’ll be in Phuket for the second time in 2012. Hahaha, but you can’t take the travel instinct away from me.
Am living thenomad like, and am an explorer. I can’t wait for southern hemisphere trip, exploring Europe continental, canoeing at amazon, island hopping at French Polynesia, mesmerizing statue on Easter island, hiking Kathmandu up to the everest station, cigar-ing at Havana, shopping at fifth avenue, rumba at ‘the’ casa del mar (not the one in Singapore please, thank you), also, romancing at thousand island off Philippines 🙂

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