Up in the air ranting !

Hello everyone !! I’m on my flight back from Kota Kinabalu (at the time of drafting this post) bound for Kuala Lumpur before hopping another 737-400 for a journey back to Penang. It’s been a nice self-sabahan-refresh holiday for me. I am ready to rock 2012.
I have identified few things that I need to work on (things that I overlooked when I was back In Penang), ain’t gonna write everything here but just to say that KK always bring me back to my old self and to realise my aim in life. It’s a self-reflective journey. I am back to my right path. I was out of my direction & I got distracted by silly little thing. I just need to shift my attention to the right reason why am I still in Penang.
I met almost everyone I love back in KK, my family, my school friends, my ex colleagues & employer. It’s great catching up with them. I feast on what I have been drooling for months too. A stuffed ravioli with marinara & marinara verde. Met everyone, my former colleagues, everyone of them including the person that has been living (and working) in Sydney now. It’s great catching up with everyone of them. Some has just tendered their resignation, some will start a new job, some still doing the same shit with different smell LOL, and some getting good with what are they doing, and some other are getting awesome day by day (moi? LOL).
Apart from that, I spent the entire day watching tv too. Do you know it is a luxury for me to actually watch a tv and holding a remote control? So I tried to watch 30 channels at the same time. Hence, I’m switching channels every 5seconds. Mad, yeah. I watched Australian Open too! Semi-finals & women’s final.
I went to the nearby park to jog & to watch people play tennis too. I gotta start on my marathon training. I want to be a tennis player, marathon runner & swimmer this year !! Amen!

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  1. eman says:

    Tennis player, runner, swimmer……er,er,er. Er how’s it comming along? 🙂

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