The long way home


What is home? A place where one’s lives? A place where you are belong? Where the love is always been enough for me?A comfort zone? A refuge? where I feel warm and safe inside?A place where love is overflowing? But what if I’m not feeling that anymore then I am home, but yet I am homesick?

I consider Penang as my home now as I am settled here, in a small room overlooking the sea/bridge. I have a permanent job, a circles of friends, am familiar to every corner of the island. And yet I am longing for Kota Kinabalu.

Maybe I’ve grown up, but I don’t feel much as home as i’m back home. I see in a different perspective. I love my parents too much but I don’t feel the same when I am home anymore.

I’m confused. I’m scared & am feeling alone. 

I need to define my own home, where I feel safe & comfortable in my own skin.

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  1. Mostafa Ne says:

    They say, “Home is where love is”!
    I absolutely agree that we might not be from a city/country, but we feel so comfortable and attached there that we can consider it as our home.
    For me, I also feel Penang (& Malaysia) as my home now. But let’s see what life brings up next.
    And for you IDa, I have no doubt that you’re gonna find your home & life partner very soon. So Chin up & smile!

  2. tinasiti says:

    Mind is funny thing, it thinks of roots but it want to be leaf and feel breeze and sun :). So you must not confuse, sometime root and some time leaf, but same tree,

  3. anggun3 says:

    thanks mos. I do feel the same way about Penang, but I keep on longing back to Sabah whenever I’m down. I guess Sabah is my comfort zone and whatever troubles you, you just need to go back to your comfort zone.

    But life goes on right? Whenever you feel comfortable in your own skin, then you are home right despite in any continent you are? Trying to feel that way. I feel home in my little room here in Penang, so am good. 🙂

  4. Mostafa Ne says:

    Parfait! Thumbs up to that IDa! 🙂

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