Sun day out

Back to the time where i will be cafe-hopping every week. Yes, those days seems to be million years away. I can’t remember why i slow down on that (perhaps trying to save money i guess?)

Yep, commitment increases while your earning remain the same. Those period of time.

And to continue doing that during this pandemic-era, seems to be irresponsible, where you should be staying home and social distancing. Anyway, i went out with my friend in one of the weekend last month just to catch up. We do maintain social distancing. I promise.

We can only hop to 3 cafes that day. I realize i can no longer eat a lot, am suffering from extreme fullness (to the point i want to vomit).

We started ar luckin kopi for breakfast. I had some maggie with the chicken and their ice kopi kaw.

My maggie goreng with chicken and egg on top

Then after that, we went to Hungry Tapir as our RSVP is at 11am. We ordered bites and share a slice of cake as, like i said, am full from the earlier breakfast

Hungry Tapir
Yum cake and bites
Pretty and cosy ambiance

Right after Tapir, i said to her, i’ll vomit if i take one more sip or one more spoon of food. Then walk around petaling street and shopping for flowers.

come lunch time, we queue for another cafe but instead of coffee, we were queueing for a matcha latte. It was a long queue on sunday.

Matcha latte and roll cake
Lunch-ting at Niko Neko Matcha 2.0

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