11.11 haul

It was 11.11 sale a few days back, and guess what? I am in a hunt for a kettle to replace my broken-15-years kettle.I’ve been eyeing one particular kettle for quite sometime but the heart ache when looking at the price tag. So, I keep it in my watchlist for months.

Or probably years – i secretly wishing to get that particular small appliances. However, come november and all major e-commerce website starting to advertise their bargain with much discount, vouchers and cashback rewards. Again, I was just comparing and keeping in view of what I want to get (this time I really need to get one, as I throw away my useless broken kettle and I have been boiling water from my sauce pan.

Let me briefly describe my minimalist lifestyle. I don’t own much of the conventional kitchen appliances as i don’t have much storage and I am trying to make the studio am living in now as simple as possible. I only own one dutch oven, one sauce pan, one wok, skillet/ frying pan, grill pan and one stockpot. I make full use of anything for everything. I don’t own rice cooker, air fryer, pressure cooker and sort. I cook my rice in the sauce pan / dutch oven.

Okay, totally deviated away from what I am trying to write here. Anyway, i stumbled upon having to pay with grabpay at zalora app and I am getting 30% off tempted me to pursue the kettle. and boy, I got extra rm30 cashback for free sometime around 6pm.When I calculate on how much am i saving from all the discount, it come to about 35%. I bought it straight away.

The parcel came 2 days after 11.11 and it was estimated to be delivered on the 20th (the earliest). I was so happy when it arrived today. But quite dissapointed with lazada that promised 24 hours delivery for my airpod.

Oh well. That’s it for my 11.11 shopping haul. I am broke now, but to justify my purchase, these are the items that I need, not that I want. I need to replace my broken kettle, and I need to use wireless earphone for my Teams / zoom meetings.

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