Welcoming 2021

I just realized that, i never got a chance to do a 2020 resolution. Oh wow. Yep. None. Nada. I have no resolution list for 2020 and… shit things happened.

I guess this year is a bad year for everyone in this whole wide world with one bad things happening to another, and the worse is the covid-19 pandemic that affecting everything, everyone and the way we look at the world.

3 days more to end year 2020 and I can’t wait for 2021 already! I bought a 2021 planner and i already started to use it since october (see, how i can’t wait for 2020 to ends).

I guess, it is a blessing in disguised. This unfortunate things make us realize and appreciate a lot of things that we unknowingly taking for granted, and also push us to advance further into technologies. It act as a reminder and a start button for me too, to think about life and how to go about it. In this case, am not going to continue my 2019 resolution, and will create a few new ones, some is repeated but that’s consider as important in my life.

For 2021, I hope I could save more, diversifying my financial portfolio, and I need a lot of money by mid-year for house renovation. I only saved up to march this year, and for the last 9 months… I did not. Partly due to the pandemic which presses the economy growth, which pressed my salary into half (yes, am getting 50% paycut during MCO). I struggled with commitments, and i have to forgo saving. Means zero saving this year.

I would like to go back to my 2015 stamina. 2020 such a year where stress were up to the roof, ie. workload, financially, emotionally-not-being-able-to-go-travel-and-home, and being in the new ‘normal’. I got to be honest, all of these are stressing me out, and yes, I try to manage and say, no.. i am calm, not stress but it’s just a bleak year, with all these thing happening around you. My anxiety levels are, sky-rocketing too. I have anxiety to go to the gym for my boxing and spinning class, and in the end.. i decided not to go. My stamina is crap, am 20 lbs heavier and my back pain is killing me. I need to get moving. Pronto. Was thinking of getting a spinning bike for home so I can join the virtual spinning class at the comfort of my own home (minus the anxiety).

On professional level, I need to work on managing – and delegating work. I need to work on tai-chi-ing to people. Yep.

Apart from that, I just hope with all the vaccination, borders start to open up again, because I need. Desperately need. To explore other continent. I guess, travel 3 times a year (domestic or abroard) keep me sane with all the workload/stress. It balance out the stress-calm situation. This year, am in imbalance mode where, work only happen and I can’t go anywhere to de-stress / reset the mind.

I guess, thats all i want for 2021 – for world to go back to pre-2019 and world a better place (and better immune system!)

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