Hello November!

Hey ya all! it’s been a great start this november and anticipating more great days/nights for this month. Again, I’m sorry I’ve been so busy to even update this blog. I’ll make a pack that I will at least update this 3 times a week? Life in Penang has been crazy busy with work, social life and so on.

I went to the bachata workshop during deepavali holiday at one of the studio in Sg. Dua and I am looking forward into signing into few of their classes. It’s been a while since I last proper dance! Apart from the fly high club dance, I need to refresh on my salsa/merengue/bachata/cha-cha/etc steps. Perhaps, creating my own cheorography after this? Imma going to rock Penang dance floor after this! Oh they are offering sexy dance, I’m sure imma gonna sign up for that! That’s what the studio owner suggested to me, after seeing the way I move during the workshop. Ha,ha!

Apart from that, work has been good. I still have A LOT to learn. I mean, a lot. I need more guidance from the boss and also the senior LA. Please be patience with me, I’ll try my best to learn everything in a short time.

Health-wise, I just recovered from terrible allergies. Don’t ask how I got it. Just that I’m happy it’s over. However, my lips have yet to be recovered fully. I don’t know how to, I guess I need a collagen or some minor cosmetic surgery. Mwhahaha! Kidding!

I’m missing home. I miss my mother & my father. I wish I can be with them everyday, but life is like that and this is what I choose. I love them terribly & hoping for their happiness & good health everyday.

I’m going to be alone this upcoming raya. So sad. No, I’m not going back home because I don’t have enough money to spend of astronomical airplane ticket & I don’t have any paid leave yet. I hope I can spending some quality time with certain someone during this public holiday. At least I won’t be that lonely over long weekend. A good friend of mine has invited me to spend the raya at her house in Shah Alam. I would love to, but I guess I already planned few things here & there, here in Penang. Need time then! 🙂

Other than that, everything is doing well in Penang. I love where I live now, I have a friendly housemates that I consider a family here. I have a fun and joyful colleagues, I have a crazy cool party people and someone that warm my heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Yep. I am grateful for everything & hoping everything is well. There are ups & down, whatever it is, I cherish every moment. No expectation but my head keep on playing those mushy things. Ha,ha. OK. Lame.

I’ve been spending a lot on dresses and shoes. I bought a killer heels from aldo. This heels scream eff me. Mwhahaha. Pardon me for the not-so-decent language, but that’s the only words that can describe the heels. I bought a lot of short dresses (and seriously another eff me dress to compliment that heels). Oh, Imma going to rock Penang nightlife. I promise ya’ll. Once Sabahan hittin’ the club, no body can steal the spotlight from her (of them, Sabahan). It works everywhere. Penang, KL, UK, where ever. Just ask my Sabahan friends. Not to boost or whatever, but we are proud of we are and we are not scared to flaunt it.

I joined the Mount Miriam Cancer Run last 2 weekend with my colleagues all, and we had fun running. But as a consequences to the event, I kinda sprain (i don’t know it if it’s called sprain?) my left knee. It hurts so bad that, especially after few hours of dancing on the dance floor and walking up and down the stairs. I rested for a week, and tried to run on a treadmill last weekend, it still hurts. 😦

I hope it my knee will be okay before the Penang International Marathon. Yes! I’m going for the 10km run! Woohoo! I will be joining my lecturer, and probably half of the office will join the marathon too. I gotta persuade some of them. The regular runners in the office definitely going to enter the full marathon.

 Ok, I got to start installing autocad (again) on my mac (or windows). I can’t make up my mind to either use bootcamp or virtualization. Ah. I got to start of the landscape design for the magazine.

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