Field Work


I embark in another painful but important part of my thesis research, in which I have to be sun-poisoned for another 10 days at Padang Kota Lama and Tanjung City Marina at Georgetown, and yesterday was Day 1. I am supposed to collect data for wet (December) and dry (March) period for my surface & ambient temperature for the further analysis comparison and whatnot.

As usual, I get greeting for curious onlookers and tourist and I encounter 4 interesting random people asking me question today. I did kinda use a sorta-catchy equipment, because it’s bulky and it looks like a giant yellow torchlight with a 4 inches screen. It is actually an infrared Fluke thermal imager. Normally used in building industry to check on any leak in the building or for whatever other reasons. I use it to compare to my point direct shoot thermometer and the hygrometer, and also to get a visual image of the heat comparison of the same pavement material with a different color scheme. Yes, there is a difference, I tell you.

Ok, back to the questions asked:

Foreign tourist #1: (I was shooting my terrazzo granite spot #1 near the esplanade when the guy approached me) Are you testing on seismic activity here? LOL.

Foreign tourist #2: (again at the same spot) Are you testing on any radiation leak around here? ROFL.

The trishaw guy: Are you doing a survey? You can interview me.

The chinese uncle that always hang out there after 5pm: Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while. Sudah lunch kah? Tak kan minum sahaja. Kamu tahan ah buat kerja sampai petang. Dari USM kan? (Hahahahah. OK. I am officially somebody there)

There are some other remarks gotten from other random people, but these 4 is the funniest.

So, there. I took reading for 6 different pavements materials (and grass as a control point), in half an hour interval for 12 hours.

And I get to see people, know the locale there, hawker people, read my book (my current read: Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus-yes you can kill me now. I am pathetic) and getting my skin burnt. I play swing at the playground too. 🙂

At least, there are activities that can be observed at Padang Kota. I am dead meat at the Marina. Unless there are hot sailor with awesome yachts docking at the marina. I don’t mind staying there and flirting the whole day. In the mean time, I prefer the former place than the later.


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