I finally found and got myself a set of tools, for quite average price and better quality. I don’t have to spend more than RM400 for a set of brushes. Thank god. 🙂 This was suggested by a friend and I find it quite affordable, and good enough for me. So I jump to first trip to the mall and got this one for me-self. ha,ha.

It is called ecotools with a 6 pieces brush set consist of blush, eye shading, eyeliner and concealer brushes,lash and brow groomer as well as the cosmetic brush roll.I bought an extra powder brush (I just love powder brush because it is so fluffy). The products is so-called earth-friendly because it uses bamboo as the handle, a recyclable aluminum ferrule and a synthetis taklon bristles that are 100% cruelty free (I ain’t going to judge this based on environmental ethics, I am just typing what it printed from the packaging).

Anyway, as long as no more extra plastics produced for the not-so-important things to the world, I am contented. They also claimed that they give 1% of their annual profit to 1% For The Planet® organization. An alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet.

Good enough.

Since I bought more than RM100 of the products, I am entitled to get a free bath & shower mitt. Also made with natural ramie & rayon from bamboo.

For more info, go to

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