Natural events of earthquake and tsunamis

My prayers & thoughts goes to the people in Japan. Hold on tight everyone. Hopefully everyone stay strong from the earthquake, tsunamis and aftershocks.

Hoping the worst is over.

And please stay safe for the people nearby too. Same goes to my friends and family in Borneo. Please be alert when any tsunami reaching Philippines island.

I am watching the videos of the unfortunate events from the cnn website, and it’s heart shattering to see such.

My mom was practically calling & shouting over concern this afternoon when she watched the live news over CNN. She should worry of herself & families since she’s in Kota Kinabalu, and it’s considerably nearer to Japan as compared to Penang.

But since, it’s the earth activity to stay in equilibrium, nothing is impossible.

Hopefully, everything will be alright.

I am quite lucky to have learned environmental geology, that include oceanography as well as ocean dynamics, so my current understanding can be used to calm people down especially, my parents.


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