The Sire Museum Restaurant

Only when I get to do my data collection at the Padang Kota Lama, I get to dine in at the restaurant because it is within walking distance. Ha,ha. Awesome place. Love the interior, the vertical garden, the attentive server (one of them is a pinoy, hehe) and of course, the awesome food (and coffee, I love restaurant that can brew great coffee).

I managed to visit the Yeap Chor Ee museum at the back of the restaurant too and to chat with the person running the restaurant. What attract me was the awesome vertical garden as part of the restaurant interior. Do not hesitate to walk in to the white facade greeted by the foreigner server (but they are quite skilled people I tell you, very attentive. Yes, I repeat, attentive). I am quite happy with their hospitality, and service.

I can’t stop looking at the hanging pot and the wall

Very thirst-quenching

This is prawn presto macaroni. Yes it’s green, but it is yummy!

A long black is a great choice before calling out for cheque

Look at the pavement pattern. awesome.

Very intricately carved windows

I had prawn presto macaroni, watermelon juice and long black (I was that thirsty okeh, under the sun for hours is dehydrating my body). And few other pictures taken either where I was seated and upstairs (you can’t take pictures in the museum, I get permission to take picture of the vertical garden from the owner. tee, hee).

Awesome place. I am dang serious. Oh, and this is the second time I’m blogging about this restaurant.

Photos taken using iPhone 4, Lomolomo app.

The Sire Museum Restaurant located at King Street, Georgetown, Penang.


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