Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive

One of the most frequented dining place (for me) in Gurney Drive is the Coffee Island. The place can be quite a chill-out with an extensive menu for food and beverages, and can be turn out to be a sodt-club spot at night (They tune to football matches on the LCD tv and a blaring club-hitz on their speaker).I thought I was as QE2 or Mois (or even Slippery Senorita) when I was dining there at night. Ha,ha.

Anyway, I’m trying to be a good blogger, this place is quite nice to chill and quench your thirst.

My lecturer and neighbour, concentrating on reading the menu.

I ordered chicken cordon blue. Yummy – marshed potatoes is considerably yummy.

She’s with her yummy chicken. Gravy a lil’ bit too thick though today

The lady with her .. er.. rojak buah & chee cheong fun (picture below)

Just awesome.

I ain’t going to rate the food as opposed to other stereotypical food blogger. Just try what they have to offer and judge based on your own taste. 🙂

Don’t know where is this place located? Go google earth/wikimapia/GPS your way there! I’m sure you can find it. If a Sabahan can find where to eat here, I’m sure the rest of the world can do too 😛


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