Macaroon in Penang!

Though I’ve been sleeping for less than 3 hours today, I brace myself to go to a certain bakery in Tanjung Tokong for a search for macaroon and cakes suggested by my lecturer. Well, great to know we managed to get some maca’s and I fell in love instantly with the green tea cake. You know I always love the bakery in Damai, Kota Kinabalu selling green tea and durian cakes. I hope this cake taste as good as the one back in KK.

So here’s the few snapshots of the every pretty & bright macaroon. It cost about RM8 for 5 macaroons. Quite cheap innit?

Awesome color combination! And sugar-ly sweeeeeet too.

Another close up! OK the packaging wasn’t that nice as compared to other bakeries ie. harrods

They should improve on the packaging maybe? But still, the taste that count right? 🙂

Their selection of cakes. Awesome! 🙂

The green tea cake. Awesome. Nice top-turfing texture. But imma still love the Damai cake! 🙂

It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! Hahahahaha

Seriously awesome english-looking box for the cakes. Just simply dandy.

The place is called Ritz Cakes & Pastries located at Prima Tanjung, around Fettes Park/Tanjung Bungah area.

Please go google it yourself and get the information of the place from other competent Penang food-blogger. I ain’t going to publish it here, as I am not their marketing people advertising the place.

But, please do visit them for a marvelous cakes & pastries!

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  1. zda says:

    can i have the bakery address for the macaroon in penang?

    1. anggun3 says:

      RITZ Cakes & Pastries

      Ground Floor, Prima Tanjung,
      Jalan Fettes, Tanjung Tokong

      Tel:04-899 1254

  2. Ritz Cakes & Pastries says:

    Visit our website @

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