Injured & random thoughts

I need to get out of the place pronto. Ah. Can’t wait to go back home. I miss the island and beaches, awesome KK people and also home.

I injured my quadriceps and it hurts so bad now. But I still am thinking of going to the gym this evening. Ridiculous right?

Ha,ha. I even have the intention to do yoga in the room, when the fact that I can’t even bend my right leg. Ha.ha.

I think I’m gonna go to the gym later. I need to go to the nike store and buy more exercise attire. My only long nike yoga pants already torn during the futsal tournament and there goes my one and only long pants. ah. Must buy more yoga pants, cross trainer, tops and a new moireeeeee 🙂 or maybe nike+ or air max courtballistec? 🙂 OK so much to buy and yet, I’m just plain lazy to go out.

I need my biotherm body moisturizer, clinique cleanser & need to replac my bobbi brown compact. I’m in the mood to buy new dior lip gloss too, and those awesome peacocky collection! I need a hairstyle change too. back to straight perhaps? more defined bang?

I don’t know. Let the chip fall to my hairstylist hand. Ha.ha.

Oh btw, I was thinking (and browsing) through head youtek MP, it’s about time I’m changing to the mid-plus racquet instead of just using my oversize? Besides, even Sharapova changing from prince to head for this first 2011 grand slam at down under. Mwhahaha.

Dream on.

Apart from that, I managed to do my own french manicure! awesome, to polish nail is simple but to do the french percision require a higher level of pateince in which i’m lacking in the area. I don’t know, maybe I’m too free, nothing else to do that I managed to concentrate on my patience and did it last night. Bravo iDa bravo!

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