Silent weekend

Wow, time flies really fast! It’s already half of January 2011 and I am here still struggling with myself to move forward. I need a change in scenery (or a place of living). I feel stucked, confined within these four walls. ah.

Nothing much been happening since the Chiang Mai trip. Managed to compete in the Archiweek futsal tournament, and we managed to get into the quarterfinal. We lose to the new group by just 1 penalty goal. Oh well, good game though. On top of that, I get bruises all over my thigh and calves due to the futsal practices and tournament, I kinda broke my finger during the quarter final and pulled my quadricep muscles.

Apart from that, we managed to sell fruits during the flea market/booth set up on wednesday. Yep, it was fun selling fruits! My hand has the fruity smell afterwards 🙂

As of today, I have to submit my experiment results to my supervisor. I hope she’s not mad. I fail to meet the deadline everytime. I am so dead. 😦 I think I need to change my workstation back to the studio instead of just doing work in my room.

The great one undergone another operation this weekend. I hope everything goes well. I pray for the speedy recovery and the great one able to run and challenge me in the tennis game. We got a bet on that. Ha,ha. Amen.

I am awaiting for my tennis practice at 5 pm! He,he 1 more hour to go and weeee! Tennis practice!

Oh do you know that I ran quite a lot, I play futsal, tennis, went to the gym, weightlifting and elliptical trainer cardio training and yet, I feel bloated and I feel that I’m gaining. Oh damn, hormone! I hate you. Or maybe because of these…

Oooh godiva chocolate is sinfully delicious!

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