Somewhere far away

He’s quite tall. My face was against his chest. I can smell him. His distinct scent trigger some chemical reaction to my head and I remember the scent when I woke up. He was wearing a kara, but quite fair. I guess he must be a chinese sikhs. He saved me from few unfortunate event. I cried when I was in a total disaster and he was like a prince with a shining armor and a white horse, saving me. OK, it does’t really happened the way as I just describe, he was just an ordinary guy that i fall in love with at the first sight.

It was so surreal. The scent, the touch, the feel. It take my breath away, for the first time in life I don’t want to wake up from a dream.

So sublime. A total-awe. I almost cried when I woke up, because I know it’s just a dream.

There was garden, big lawn, running around, laughing and chasing-giggling going on. Another intense eye-to-eye scene, awesome conversation just by the eye. He was stroking my hair, when I was crying. No words exchange, just a hush.

And there were argument where both parties were shouting, and arguing. Just like a typical pair.

The imperfect duo.

And yet, the vivid visual dream vanishing bit by bit from my mind. But I wish the surreal feeling & scent stays with me.

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