Chiang Mai, Thailand – Foodie

Note: This post is not a representative of the local delicacies in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is merely a journal of few awesome dishes I had when I was there.

I don’t get a chance to try on exotic food in Thailand. I’m not that gastronomically-challenged-kinda-person. And most of their local dishes are pork-based. So, mostly I had a seafood or vegetarian food  ( I travelled with 2 person on strict vegetarian diet, by health and religion).

This is extremely delicious! Like a home-made chilli shrimp ball. Simply Awesome!

You see, pretty awesome presentation 🙂

This is my personal favourite dish. It’s a black mushroom cooked with dried chilli and basil.


Awesome thai seafood fried rice

Love the sticky rice with mango & ice-cream dessert! 🙂

I always order a club sandwich where ever I go 🙂

Seriously, their iced mocha is simply thirst quenching

They are extremely competent in making a coffee-based drinks. (two thumbs up)


There are few local dishes that I didn’t managed to capture due to my hand busy shoving food into my mouth haha, but I kinda love their salad where you eat it with a betel/ Piper sp. (a sireh species kinda leaf). Another great dishes when I had north indian vegetarian food just in front of the hotel. Everything taste GOOD. Seriously good, better than d’tandoor in KL. I mean it.

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