Chiang Mai, Thailand

Finally! After a year or so of struggling in Penang, I managed to escape the island and visited Chiang Mai, Thailand. Why Chiang Mai? Why not Bangkok or Phuket or even Krabi? Yes, I would love to go to the listed places in Thailand but January is best to go to Chiang Mai because of the cooling temperature! Anyway, please forgive me for not taking much photos during this trip as I was busy shopping and sightseeing 😛

This is not going to be the traveling post as it doesn’t really comply to the normal travel blog post standard, I’m just going to blog about the trip briefly. Overall, I enjoyed the trip. Bought a lot of cheapo stuff! Those things that I can get in Penang, I can buy for one-third of the price in Chiang Mai. Dang dang!

Remember my color lights with white mesh balls I blog earlier? Yes, I bought it for RM 20 or Rm25 at Batu Ferringhi night market, and guess how much they are selling those in Chiang Mai night market?? 750 baht!! Oh gosh.

I’m not going to bore you with my itinerary when I was there, what I did, what I bought, my thoughts etc (you know typical blogger will always write down every little thing- i find that too much to share to the world wide web). I’m going to leave you with few images that I managed captured.

The Thai massage is awesome, the people is awesome, the weather is awesome, the night market is awesome.

But what I don’t really like is what they did in the elephant camp. There are a lot of elephant camp and other farm (orchid, waterfall, insects, cobra) etc that involved the so-called ecotourism attraction strip. That is good for the the tourism industry, but I don’t agree with the abuse treatment of the elephant and providing the so-called artificial ‘nature’ elephant sanctuary but as well as to cater to the tourists. Yeah, the elephant can paint but it’s not their nature to ‘paint’. Come on lah. They should be given a place to roam around in the forest where the visitors only able to observe. Or maybe to pat the elephant if it’s safe. I feel guilty when riding on the elephant at the elephant camp.

I think I’m more okay with another alternative nature attraction activity as opposed to the elephant camp, called elephant nature park. I didn’t get a chance to go there but I feel they do not abuse the elephant they way they did in the typical camp.

So yeah. That’s my view point. Please don’t shoot me. I’ll shoot you with the 0.22 calibre rifles 😛

Another thing that I like going to Thailand (or any Asian countries) is that I look like their local girl. Means, when I was in Manila, they think I’m a Pinoy and when I was in Thailand, every single Thai thinks I’m a Thai too. So i thank my parents for molding this awesome-universal-asian-face. Ha,ha it’s so funny 🙂 I wish I can speak Thai, or else I can get the cheapo rip-off price at the night market.

Me at the highland resort with bed of roses! 🙂

I tend to snap their cute hardscape sculpture 😛

Cute elephant!

The guilt-ridden ride

Awesome skin texture and elephant dung at the background

Yes, the elephant camp and he’s awesome!

Look at the guy holding a stick

The elephant socializing with the tourists

kekeke I’m so scared that I’m too heavy for the elephant


Yes, that’s a real riffle. and no, I’m not elephant hunting with that! 😛


Awesome eh. Gosh I didn’t managed to buy those paper umbrella 😦

Another awesome view

Those awesome triangle cushion

Some of the things that I bought. Mostly for the house 🙂


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