Warming up 2011 (and sayonara 2010)

Hey ya’all. As my usual post towards the end of the year, I always will be contemplating what i’ve done so far this year. My resolution post this year going to be a day earlier (Usually I’ll blog on the 31st december), due to may be unforeseen circumstances (i.e. partying etc), I am blogging about it a day earlier. ha,ha.

Anyway, 2010 has always been a struggle and life awakening for me. Being 25 years old is awesome, appreciating that you are still young but opening up mind to more serious matter in life. Life has been awesome so far. I know, I did complaint a lot more this year but those experiences also pushes me to grow up. Literally. I’ve been a baby and it’s time to be an adult. 2010 is the transition year for that. So.

Let’s start reminiscing what’s happening in 2010. In January, I had an awesome winter experience in one of the beautiful country in the east. Just awesome. In February, I was busy with futsal and studio, apart from that my health deteriorate that I had to drag myself to the emergency room to get treatment, on chinese new year. Yep, a bad start for tiger year. Heh. I had an awesome 25th birthday surprise in the studio – while I was in stress due to studiowork. Thank you guys!

April till early July, I embarked in an internship journey in one of the LA firm in KL. Awesome experience, totally exhausted but I cherish the experience and the friendship. In July too I’m upgrading myself into Pro, and I’m lovin’ it 🙂

August till November, I struggled in my final studio submission. Nothing much happening, it’s just work, work and more work. Thank god I got an awesome studio and group mates.

In december however, I managed to get some rest, and slowly working on my thesis. I had fun meeting new people and catching up with the old ones. It’s always warm my heart to have and stayed as friends throughout these years. I am also a lil bit sad losing a friend too. I may be sound mellow but that’s what you’ll when you are losing a friend. Anyway. I hope everyone the best in their life. And I strike one of the thing must do in life. Check! That’s a recap on what’s been happening in 2010 for me.

By looking at my 2010 resolution, below are the list of things that I intended to achieve this  year:

1. I need to shed 10lbs i’ve been putting on the third quarter of 2009;

2. Shall learn to swim (and dive) – 2009 no 8 carry forward!

3. Excel in landscape architecture, internship at one of the best firm; (hint: Bangsar)

4. Visiting another country (-ies) – overseas (this doesn’t include Indonesia);

5. To be a better person- I’m going to have an awesome quarter century life- year! :)

6. To get a better job, prepare to move to another place -country.

7. To have more & more fun, i mean a LOT of fun!

8. New sweetheart? ha,ha i love the 2009 though.

9. to attract good things in life. yes *sending it to the universe*

10. ( to be inserted, soon)


1. I have shed half of it, but I’m not sure I want to shed all of the lbs, I’ll look like a stick- I love my curve now, just need to work on toning it- (so half check!)

2. OK, I haven’t put any effort towards no 2 this year, shall carry to 2011. And this time, I mean it.

3. Oh, I think I am, I get a surprised mark for my recent studio & I’m quite happy with it, and what i’ve learnt from the exercise. I did an awesome internship in one of the best firm (hint: bangsar klcc) (check!)

4.Oh no. I failed to visit another country this year. Carry forward 2011!

5. 2010 brings out the worse in me. I thank god I learn something from it. Still trying to be a better person 🙂

6. This definitely going to happen in 2011! 🙂

7. Not much fun in 2010.

8. Haha. I failed this one too.

9. Oh I definitely attracting good things in life-and still attracting it 🙂 weeee

10. (haha.. no more yo)


Ok this is awful. Ha,ha.. told you 2010 is not a great achievement for me. But I thank god for every struggle and problems given to me, I managed to pull through. As of welcoming 2011, I would love to be better than 2010! Some of the things I want to achieve are listed as follows:

1. Need to maintain my health – meaning a toner body, higher metabolism, awesome skin, and to concentrate on becoming a women. Meaning I need to maintain a strict exercise regime (pilates, tennis & gym workout), drink lotsa water,  focusing on appearance and to enhance the inner and outer beauty. 🙂 Gals, watch out your man next year 😛

2. To graduate with distinction for my Msc and to continue further. Amen.

3. To love and workout my awesome thesis. I need to put my heart and soul into it. Yes, I promise! 🙂

4. To get an awesome job! Awesome means extremely generous and interesting job scope and the ability to travel all around the world. weeee 🙂

5. I want to meet someone with an initial K.S. Oh yeah. You! 🙂

6. Travel. travel and more traveling this year!

7. Will try to keep positive in life, laugh things off and enjoying life!

8. I want to get my life organized, help others and to learn something new (this include to learn how to swim)

9. Yeah. To spend more time with friends and family 🙂

10. To get creative and loving what I’m doing, whatever it is 🙂 Taking risk & building confidence.

A lot right? But yes, I intended to do all in 2011. Weeee 🙂


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