It’s december already!

Yes, as the post title said it, it’s december already! 31 days to go more for 2010, and then we’ll be in 2011! wow. Time flies really fast!

Phew. Can we stop now & take a breather. I seem can’t catch up with the time nowadays.

December is the month where I’ll at my contemplative mode, most of the time, to see and recall what I have achieve throughout the year, and what are the things that I haven’t do. I’m just too plain lazy to look at my 2010 resolution by now. Ah, maybe later 🙂

Now that studio work is over, I need to change my focus to my thesis & research. It’s half a year of dreaded long-hour work & it really tire me out, physically, mentally and emotionally. I need a time break in between studio & thesis. Ah. But, where to go? Do i have time to really chilling? I don’t think so.

But I’m in dire need for a holiday. An island excursion perhaps? Or a lazy day at the beach. Anything.

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