A studio. A recap. An End.

it’s been a roller coaster ride for me for the past one month- or rather semester 3 of this MSc. Finally, I managed to get about 12 hours of sleep after more than 30 hours of staying awake- and rushing for the printing deadline. Phew. Long hours of staying awake and doing work will make you go nuts, cockoo, grumpy and prone to other undesirable emotional turbulence. Glad studio is over now!

and guess what, there won’t be any studio work next semester, just few law, landscape classes & thesis research. YEAY! 🙂

Ha-ha. Though it’s been a hell of a journey, to take studio classes at masters level, but I kinda enjoy this semester studio. Not for certain ahem reason, just that I’m getting the hang of it. If you my reader have been following my journey throughout this 5 years of blogging (and previous years of geocities, blogspot, blogdrive years), I always enjoy what I do. And, this include this studio work too 🙂

Glad to have found passion in what I do, not just for the sake of having a marks in my transcript 🙂

Apart from that, I still suck big time in design & water color. But, it looks better with the adobe photoshop & lightroom touch-up. mwhahahaha.

haha. Ok, I don’t know what else to write because nothing much been happening than work-work and more work for the past few weeks that i’ve been absent.

This semester, I did a development proposal on integrated coastal tourism development at the site.  This include the marina, villa, other recreational facilities, aquaculture R&D and so on. Ah. Too lazy to write everything here. Come call me for an job interview to know more. I’ll bring my portfolio. ha,ha.

Ok talk about portfolio, I’m gonna do mine next semester. 🙂

Ha ha. this a picture of me presenting my studio work. I’ll take more photos once i reprint it tomorrow, and hang it for exhibition, for marking. hahahahahaha.

Have a nice sunday ya’all 🙂 Finally i am able to enjoy my sunday again. ah it’s such a happy-happy sunday today. Just had pecel lele at batu uban & I’m back in the room. I’ll do my laundry and spring cleaning afterwards.

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