Back in Kota Kinabalu

Hey ya all! I’m finally back in Kota Kinabalu after 8 months in exile. Mwahahahhaha! Seriously, yes… it’s been 8 months since the last time I’m in KK (The 4 days wedding reception in May doesn’t count as I’m in KK). I am enjoying the sambal kima, fried basung, ikan ampap, lemiding veggie and so on.  I am anticipating to murtabak jawa, gado-gado, bambangan, ambuyat and many more. I am sick of ayam golek, char kuew teow, nasi ayam madu and the sucky murtabak mamak. No offence, but I prefer the murtabak with lotsa veggie inside and serve with the acar timun rather than pink colored onion. That is my preference. 🙂

And yes, I am anticipating for my chicken ravioli, sunset hangout, and etc!!

Apart from that, I’ve got nothing much to write about except that I’m procrastinating, should be finishing my first 3 chapters of thesis, and few other assignments over this holiday. We’ll see! I will finish it by the time I’m flying back to Penang. Yeay!

Ok, going for a movie with Piare later at night at Suria! yeay!~

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