Eat Pray Love

Hello all! It is announced that Hari Raya Aidilfitri fall on the 10 september 2010, tomorrow! So, Eid Mubarak in advance all!

As for me, my holiday breakthrough has been making me proud of myself. I managed NOT to sleep during the day. Hahahah!

Yes. Since becoming a student, it is likely for me to stay awake the whole night and only off to slumberland when the sun rise, but this holiday I am starting to make amend and try not to sleep after sahur & off to Likas Jogging Track when the sun rise.

Really iDa?

Yes. Only this morning I didn’t go to the Park because I overslept and I bake fruit cakes in the morning!! woohoo! Yes, my favourite fruit cake! I bake two types of fruit cake: the darker cake which baked for longer period (4hours) than the lighter & yellower version of fruit cake (take about approximately 2 hours).

Apart from that, I managed to get a new hairdo! I’m Carrie Bradshaw once again! hahaha. Yes, I love wavy hair. The picture depicted that it is too much curl but to stay safe, this is the aftermath of the chemical work, it will eventually straighten it down to a loose curl over time 🙂

Ok, maybe not Carrie Bradshaw. I know. I am exaggerating.  Haha. But it was my hairstyle before I move to Penang. So. I still like it. And hopefully I am still wearing it nicely as I did a year ago.

Apart from that, I should be doing my design assignment by now. I did collected few clips that I have yet to merge to make a storyline based on the word generation. But i am procrastinating. YES. Old habit die hard. Argh. I hate it when I am becoming the last minute person. I am not the last minute person before.

My thesis? Don’t ask me about it. I should be resubmitting my proposal to my supervisor a week ago and until now, I have yet to brainstorm on what to write about. I have a lot of ideas in my mind. Yes. Plenty of them but to jot them down to paper require a military force on me. Ha.ha.

I will do it before I’m flying back to Penang. I promise that!

Oh my dear reader, have you all read Elizabeth Gillbert’s Eat Prat Love? I’ve been reading it since 2 months ago in Penang but I am still stuck in her journey in Italy. Only just now, for 4 freaking hours in the saloon, perming my hair, I managed to read up to her meditation in India and finding love in Bali, Indonesia. I have a couple of chapters left. It’s good. It ignite my passion to travel alone to the other side of the world for self-discovery, appreciation of the bio, cultural richness/diversity as well as to find love. We are stucked locally as most of us unable to afford those traveling expenses, or even do not even have the need to go out of your comfort zone because you are contented on where you are right now. I am the otherwise. I feel incomplete staying in one place. I want to see the world. To experience other culture & see the beautiful landscape of the earth. I want to learn from experience. What set me aside from this ambition is the expenses, and the social obligation. We’re the Asian where we are stuck with family and being a female, make it worse to travel alone as they fear female are susceptible to unfortunate events during the solitary traveling. Yes I am aware of that but if proper precaution taken, it should be no problem. Unlike westerner, they are freely to go anywhere… as long as there are will.

I have the will. But i don’t have the money to travel. As yet. I did, on budget… but look what happened to my supposedly mid-year 2010 Bali, Indonesia trip? I was devastated. Only my friend in KL knows how I feel. Sigh.

Maybe it’s not my time yet to go there. I shall be holidaying in grandeur when I am flying there. I promise that! Villa by Ubud, or on top of hill overlooking paddy hill and the ocean! 🙂

I’m gonna have my perfect body massage, a total laze at the beach with beautiful oceanic scenery, a trip to exotic temples, a party at night, a thrilling bungee jumping, shopping at local shops (nah.. i’ll pass for those shop cater for tourist), visiting the famous landscape architect villa perhaps?, meet an exotic spaniard with great tan, hot body with big personality. Major tycoon. Major dreamboat. Ha.ha.

Dream on iDa. Yes, I love to dream 🙂

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