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Im diverged between the two. I want to go further into design, but I don’t want to be a designer. I want to stay as an environmental assoc. So far, the job intertwined between the two but I it is not in balance. As what I learnt from the recent training in KL, most of the job scope concentrated on the design work; much less on the scientific part. Maybe because I was involved in urban projects. Yes, very interesting, but i want to work merely for the environment (with a little twist), but more into designing the environment. Yes, that is the landscape architect jobscope but I far from i experience, my training more into towards designing, my studies more into planning and I seek for a lil different from what i’ve learnt so far. I love designing gardens, public park, playground and even some courtyard but, I would love to get into sustaining a park into more ecological-way instead of just plain, outdoor place.

I would love to design as to restoration of mined area, river corridors, forest regeneration & environmental remediation such as restoration of wetland, abatement of stormwater runoff and so on.

The exerpt below shows the ideal definition of what i have in mind.

An environmental landscape architect designs areas of land to protect the environment or to enhance the landscape in an environmentally friendly way. The focus of the environmental landscape architect is to provide a pleasing landscape that still encompasses the relevant information from biologists, geologists, water management experts as well as other interested environmental groups. The landscaping may be completed for private individuals, government agencies or companies that are trying to landscape particular areas.

An environmental landscape architect must research the various types of soil, plants, animals and even birds that are to be protected in the area. The type of plants, land contours or even landscaping design will all depend on the specialized requirements of the various species. In some situations the landscape architect may work directly with environmental groups, activists and even scientists to develop the best possible layout.

The job of the environmental landscape architect starts with meeting with the various interest groups and then determining the best options for the project. A report is then written that includes the environmental impact and benefits of the project and a blueprint for the landscape plan is developed based on the research. Various computer programs can be used to create a lifelike model of the final project. The landscape architect then meets again with the groups for approval of the project. Any revisions are completed before the project is finalized. Working with diverse interest groups, facilitating meetings and listening and communicating effectively are all requirements of the profession.

Common work activities include:

  • Researching various land types, animals, plants and other living organisms in the area to be landscaped.
  • Developing a landscape plan based on the requirements of the client, interest groups and needs of the animals and plants of the area.
  • Meeting with interested parties to report on the landscaping plan and any environmental impact that may occur.
  • Providing evaluations of the various plans and making recommendations to clients.
  • Promoting environmental landscaping and architecture in the various sectors of the economy
  • (Source: http://www.jobprofiles.org/conlandscapearch.htm)

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