Hey…!  Yes, I’m back  after roughly 6 weeks absence from the blogsphere. I’ve been terribly busy with the final studio project. Been living like in hell for the past 6 weeks to finish up the studio project. Yes. And I’m 2kg heavier, visible (almost permanent) puffy eyes, extremely tired and fed up of work/studying and I have 2 more examination papers to go. I managed to sit for the dreaded hydrology paper & an urban design paper this morning. AH. Such a view. Do u know how it feel when your heart warm like melting the butter in the pan when you see someone interesting. That’s what I feel in the examination hall. 🙂 He’s dang cute. tall. babyface. nerdy. Hawt! Guess he notices me too. Too bad, we’re not in the same studio. sigh. Oh else, I’ll go full blast flirting with him. ekekekke.

Guess I’ll be a good girl this time. I don’t have other time to spend on this thing and so does him. 🙂

At least I’ll be seeing him next semester/term again. ekekeke.

Ah. My heart melts.

On the other hand, Im going back to Kota Kinabalu right after my last paper this wednesday! weehoo. then I’m off to Kuala Lumpur for my internship. Going to be a tough city-life that I have to bear the havoc traffic congestion, sweats taking public transportation, etc. I can’t wait to shop for my room furniture in Ikea! Woooohooo!!

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  1. Ren says:

    da da..hope i can see u before KL 🙂

  2. anggun3 says:

    of course! must! :))

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