25th @ Studio

It was a surprise from my studio mates & lecturer. A birthday cake & a serenade + guitar of the birthday song & among other ear soothing rhythms. 🙂 thank you guys for everything.

And I made a pack that I wont’ be going to the studio during my birthday. The great one came & celebrate with me at the 32 at the mansion & we dropped by hard rock cafe for a dinner & live performance, however, I’m looking for some place more quiet and intimate, hence.. we  decided to have dinner at the mansion. Boy, the tenderloin was yummy. and soft. I usually ordered a sirloin but I decided to try on the chef recommendation for the night. The wild mushroom taste yummy too as well as the fresh oysters.

I managed to get a hard rock hotel/cafe tee-shirt too 🙂 yeay. One with the signature logo and another one with the blue/turqouise glitters that spells hard rock hotel penang 🙂

Oysters and heavenly garlic bread 🙂

32 at the mansion

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