Im in dire need to go out and enjoy the beauty of the world again. I can’t bare to  stay in the studio & work anymore. at least, I need a change in scenery now, pronto.

Been doing work non-stop, been working on the final project this semester for weeks & haven’t been out of campus (apart from having meals) for soooo long. I long for holiday.

Or at least a gateway, somewhere far away from the campus (or even penang).

Next week, I’ll be 25. and how does it feel to be a quarter century old?

I feel tired.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to end of April (NOT the examination of course). I have yet to start looking for accomodation.  My kl bestie already texted me potential landlord for my stay near her apartment. So would be great to be living there, having someone that understand me the most nearby.

It’s about time I have friends to talk to.

I talked a lot in Penang. But nobody really knows me. and I like to keep it that way.

ah. I miss KK so much too.

I should be updating this blog more often since I’m not working & a full time student. But I just don’t have the leisure time anymore. At least, towards end of semester.

I’ll come back with more interesting blog update starting May. and I promise! 🙂


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