First day @ work


Hey ya all! Yes… noooooooooo updates & lotsa thing happened. I’ve moved back to hazy Kuala Lumpur for another short term period. I’m currently doing my internship in one of the landscape architect firm in KL and today was my first day at work.

It was filled with hazy, dizziness & shyness. Yep, I’m very shy at first. Hopefully, I’ll get comfortable sooner or later. It was a challenging task. It took me almost 45 minutes to commute via on foot/bus/lrt to get to the place. Some things you got to sacrifice to appreciate the opportunity. Ah. How I wish I was like 10 minutes drives away from my house way back in Kota Kinabalu.

Anyway, nothing much happening at work. Just trying to adjust to the new environment, exploring their server (and loads & loadss of CAD files/library) and compiling interesting images from the internet. I’ll start bugging them tomorrow then. Seems like they will be having a trip to PD this weekend. Hmmm… what about me?

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