As time goes by

Hello! Blogging from Kuala Lumpur, I am still here in one piece. Ha,ha. It’s long wesak weekend (but not as long as those Sabahan looooooong aramaitii weekend break, me is so jealous! :P), decided to make full use of my free time here, by shopping!

Of course other newer phase looks wayyy better that where i am staying now (low density, duplex, better lighting and plaster wall, etc ).

Anyway, the place I am currently renting only provided me with a bed frame & a cloth cupboard (u know, those zippy ones, yikes). So, I am furnishing my room here with all ikea stuff. Yes, Me. Ikea. Freak. full. stop.

Hahahahah! Okay.

I’ve been eyeing on polka dot pillow & those white with red tree branches pattern quilt cover waaay back then. and now, I managed to get it :0 yeay.

Apart from that, I managed to get a very nice wall sticker. I loooooove wall sticker. I have lovebird on my wall 🙂

The polka dot, and the lovebird! 🙂

and the most important thing is.. to play with lighting. Ah i love the romantic ambience created by those two table lamp, one in white & another one in green. Not the best place to place the lamp but this is just temporary 🙂

….and do not forget to put tea light lantern in your room! Yes, it might not be good to health, but it’s apple scented tea light. awww 🙂

Apart from that, I finally managed to get my first french press by bodum. There are only 2 shops in Malaysia selling bodum products, and one of it is in the home furnishing section at Robinsons, The Gardens.

Ah. I went ga-ga & finally, bought the newer design (and white!) french press for one. and the french presses tumbler-on-the-go! 🙂

I am thinking of getting more bodum products for the house. For my mom to use mostly. Hmmm I am thinking of getting her the ASSAM tea press tea pot 🙂

Yes. I love my french presses. and I love my coffee.

Till then… night all!

Btw, I’m listening to the CDs i just bought at Rock Corner. It’s a new bossa nova interpretation of latest hits & greatest love songs. Who could thought Rihanna’s don’t stop the music, Leona Lewis’ bleeding love, Amy Winehouse’s back to black can be soooo catchy in bossa tunes.

I am listening to Singaporean’s jazz singer, Olivia too. At first, I thought she’s a japanese because she sings mostly in english and japanese. I love her L.O.V.E version 🙂

.. and also your body is a wonderland by misscarolinexoxo. My pinoy youtube idol! 🙂

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  1. berry says:

    loveee ikea hehe. nice bedroom! good job!

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