A promise


Hello. I’ve been very depressed these few months & nothing helpful, not even shopping. Because I feel out of shape. and low in serotonin & dopamine. However, I am going to get back what i’ve lost no matter what. what? That almost 6 pax & sexy shoulder.

Count on me. I’m starting on treadmill tonight.

and I’ll be on it every night after work. Till time I’m moving back to Penang.

I swear I’ll lose that 5 pounds.

1-month plan:

1. Increase my energy  expanditure;

2. Reduce energy consumption;

3. Eat differently by eating differently.

So, no more coffee + dunkin donut for breakfast, no more rice for dinner, a cup (or two) of caffeine a day, and that’s i’ll munch on grapes in between meals & a light tuna/thin cheese & bran for dinner?

Sounds like a strict diet plan. Indeed.

and 45 minutes on treadmill after work everyday? Indeed.

I was sweating like a pig just now & I am high on endorphine. I feel… Happy 🙂

When I’m back in Penang, I’ll start with hectic studio work & I swear I’ll start back on my tennis practice, and going to the gym every other day.

I promised to the great one that I’ll start on taking swimming lesson too. (cross fingers).

I’m going back to my 110lbs, 34-26-36 figure by my master’s degree graduation 🙂


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