Aww.. I was devastated on monday morning when I made a call to one of the firm in midvalley, inquiring on the internship opportunity in their firm for this coming Apr-July session. I was declined with grace by the person in-charge due to them taking 8 students for the same short-span of internship. awww. I was really hoping to get into this one because it would be most convenient for me to travel to work (and I know the place very well). I don’t even have the opportunity to even submit my ever-impressive resume + cover letter for their perusal. Well I guess, luck isn’t with me this time.

Well… I’m still sad over it, and now have to start looking for the second best. I hate second best. I still love THE best.

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  1. berry says:

    chaiyo2x! don’t give up. try ur best 😉

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