Full Moon

argh… and iDa is turning into a wolf. auuufff.


hahahaha… how is it going everyone? It’s sunday morning; I woke up, excruciating another pain for this week; the dysmenorrhea. dang!  I think my uterine lining produce more prostaglandin, because the pain is unbearable. I never been bedridden for such but yesterday record has been broken. There, in the room, I am, trying to battle with the agony on my lower abdomen & a backache. arghh.. I should be taking prostaglandin-inhibiting drugs i.e. ibuprofen or any birth control pill but I’m just trying not to take more drugs to my body. Too much med for this week already! On second thoughts, what the hell? (popping ibuprofen into my mouth, hahaha).

Oh, I managed to buy book, online from kinokuniya. Nope, not amazon yet, but from my favourite bookstore in Malaysia! Wooohoooo. Yes, I always have a thing for Kino especially what’s on the first floor section, the art and design. I can become a robber just to have a collection of book as such! ekekeke.

(I have no idea why the photo on the right is upside-down)

It’s a book called Community by Design by Hall & Porterfield. The book describing what kind of criteria for neighbourhood community, how to design in such way that the suburbs community knows their neighbour, able to make full use of pedestrian walkway and at the same time, to design in such way that is aesthetically-pleasing to the eye (imagine: Desperate Housewives’ Wisteria Lane?) Ha,ha. Yes, that kind of community. Most of the concept and examples given are from the US, but we can always customize it according to the local culture, right? teehee.

I’m loving reading it, every word, to word, chapter to chapter. I’m still stuck reading how is the best place for working; campus-style office parks or the freestanding independent structures. Ha,ha. The book is should be written for urban planner but landscape architect also able to make use of the content, since it’s still the design of external place. 😛

I should be doing my horticulture assignment, hydrology and some site analysis for studio project this mid-semester break but guess what? I did none of those. Why? Procrastination. But the major reason would be because I was sick. I got an alibi to prove it to the lecturers. Keh.keh. I hope none of my lecturers reading my blog. If they do, YES, I was sick for a week for some serious health complication and it’s not a markup story. I am so screwed lah this semester. Such a hectic, crazy busy semester and yet, here I am.. playing cafe world on facebook, blogging & online shopping during my free-time.

Bergh. Kill me!

On the other note, I have finished polishing up my ever-impressive resume and cover letter for my internship application. I shall call the person in charge in one of the landscape firm tomorrow. I called them last friday but the person in charge were still in CNY holiday. So, wish me luck! First connection/impression is CRUCIAL. Some people think this is just a small matter, but knowing me, I take everything seriously & I put 100% my effort (and concentration) to it. *wishful thinking*

(Above photo taken from the HEP, USM; forth-night ago)

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