Hard Rock Penang!

After 5 days of sickness and misery, I finally decided to have a night out with my fellow classmates for a movie. OK, the movie we watched wasn’t that great. I think I’m getting back my sickness, watching the wolfman. Ha,ha. and it was sooooo n0’s(n=1,2,…,8). I mean, the sound effect and all. I know, it was a classic remake horror from the 40’s and I guess it’s a good movie for a saturday night, tug-in in front of your TV-kinda movie. We watched the movie at GSC Gurney Plaza.

Oh, I always have a thing for Gurney 🙂 You know that already don’t you? Ahhhh I wish I have a car here! Godaamnit!

After a lousy movie at Gurney, we decided to have dinner, at Batu Ferringhi. He,he. The setting of the cafe wasn’t that bad. Just need to polish a bit. If they really polish it, it might as well look like The Lighthouse in Langkawi!! Nice place though.

We managed to drive some more miles away to… the Hard Rock Hotel, Penang! Ekekekeke… there were a live band playing last night. Wish I can go in and enjoy the music but I’m not with the right crowd 🙂

So we managed to took photos .. and below are some photos that I took with my iPhone (I didn’t bring my baby! I din’t expect we would go to Ferringhi though). Next time!

Would love to go there again with the right crowd. Ah. and the right camera. Nevermind. I’ll be around Penang for at least a year or so again. So, haha (evil grin).

When we were at the Gurney, paying the parking ticket, I come across the camera shop display.. displaying my NEXT digital camera, Leica X1. OMG OMG OMG OMG.

I looove it, and wish to own one (when I get the steady job right after my Masters). Leica camera doesn’t come with a cheap tag price. For a digital camera, it cost as expensive as my SLR. Yes, and guess how much Leica’s (body only) dSLR? 80K? ha,ha. Yes, a price of honda city (correct me if I’m wrong).

Dang. Such as expensive hobby I pick up.

Since we’re talking about what to buy/do once I get a job again. I like to emphasize here, once I get my monthly paycheck (and this time it’s going to be thick, five times my previous pay, I kid you not!), I’m going to travel all around the world.

Shit. This is what I want to experience in life. I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and I want to go to Santorini, Greece. I want to go to Malorca in Spain. Fiji Island. Mauritius. India. Tibet. Cuba!!, All oceanic island. Equador Rainforest! Timor Leste. Hawaii. NEW YORK! Sitka, Alaska. Zurich. Armsterdam. Gold Coast. …and the list goes on! but I need a traveling boyfriend to go with my on a trip/backpack/etc 🙂 teehee.

In the mean time, I got to study & assimilate my dream  & turn it to reality.

Oh did I tell ya, I’m studying landscape architecture. One of the coolest subject on earth! I get to design the external environment. Taking earth form as your playground. Talking about god’s work 🙂

I’m getting the hang of it. I’m settled in Penang. I do think about KK once a while but I managed to drag my heart to Penang this time. But deep down in my heart KK will always be the best. But Penang rawk too! 🙂

I will put my head, heart & effort to Semester II. I’m loving the subject more & more everyday. I’m reading horticulture, landscape construction (tough oneeee, warghh), hydrology, and undergrad subject I’m taking this semester, urban design. Oh yes, I’m loving all. On top of that, the ever challenging studio work is getting more and more interesting. I don’t mind putting my head (and health) to studio work as long as I get to learn something. A lot actually. Haa 🙂 yep, loving it, loving it!

I may be not the best student in class but I’m picking up. I’m trying to get as much knowledge as possible for this very short-span of 2 years course. Oh I can’t wait how the challenge would be in working life. I anticipate to it 🙂

Hoo yeah!

p/s: Can’t wait for my Jakarta/Bali trip this May!! wooohoo! 2nd oversea trip this year! I hope the Jogjakarta trip still on too? Where to go for end year yeah? Anywhere nearer? Wanted to go to Singapore too since the casino has open it’s door to the world! Tambun in the near future (days/weeks). and Putrajaya…next week? keh.keh.

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