A castle in the air

This is coming out of the blue. I never thought of this before in my life as I think this is just a minor/tiny little thing in life that shouldn’t make it too extravagant, if you know what I mean 🙂

But upon seeing many schoolmates getting hitched, I can help but to dream. So, I’m browsing through vera wang’s bridal gown website now & I can’t help imagining myself in those lush, elegant, Doris in white & Amelia in champagne and Helene in mermaid design with a grey ribbon. Aww. Beautiful. If I was to get hitched, I would love to wear those! To combine it dress with Jimmy Choo’s & a combination of pink-champagne-lavender-red roses hand flower. Yummy. I love roses. But I love to have white lily too. and hydrangea.

I would love to have a lot, i mean A LOT of fresh flower decoration, all over the place. I don’t mind spending thousands of dollars on flowers. FRESH ones. Not plastic. Centerpieces of exotic orchids, calla lilies, roses, hydrangea, poppies, sweet peas, dafodils, jasmine, gardenia, to combine with fruits like lemon,red/green apple, and so on to compliment the tall crystal vase.

As for the wedding cake, I would love to have a medium size 3-tier cake, with either white or champange color cake with a flowers as topper, and sides decoration. Solemnization at the white, rustic, antique, victorian english gazebo as centerpiece, arbor with trumpet vines, Bauhinia kockiana, etc, maybe a Delonix regia or Bauhinia purpurea (Orchid trees in mauve, pink & ivory flowers) as one of the side trees.

The champagne color chiavari chair decorated with fresh flowers of red/pink/green tea color and ivory/champagne/gold ribbon to secure it (no covers please). a turquoise with white ribbon favor box ( people with mistaken this for Tiffany’s, akakaka).

Reception? Let’s make it at night, outdoor. With the same table setting but a oriental, while silk lantern in the middle of the table. Hanging heart tea light and string lights  all over the place to light up everything. Nice. (Imagine: the mythical greek wedding, i.e. in Mamma mia movie). Yep. That’s right!

OK, let’s be realistic here. A malay wedding should have a ‘pelamin’. I’m not quite fond with the idea of pelamin. Hmmm. Why? because it normally has a wall as background where you tend to decorate it with cloth/flower/etc. and  2 column at each side of you, people will only get a view of 180 degrees of the couple. dang. so? to have or not to have one?

Dayum. What’s wrong with this imaginary planning? I’m not even favor the idea, yet. Ask me again in 10 years time. Then I’ll consider.

Picture depicted above is one of the representative of white gazebo. Not the one I’m having in mind. I’m just too lazy to browse for photos of what I imagined.

…the venue is awesome! Sea view wedding. wooh. I like!

OK, another option is to have a wedding as depicted in the photo on the left. Beach, blue sky, breezy wind, white gazebo & chairs, outdoor refreshment, cranberry juice/cocktail, shrimp salad, cupcakes, yummy. (stomach growling).

Ah… I was in the mood of mamma mia, and this happened when I start imagining things. Good exercise for the mind & soul though.

Ha ha ha.. Alright, enough of gibberish talking here. So I shall end my post here

dot. 😛

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  1. Ren says:

    Wah my friend, ada apa-apa ke niiiiiiiiiii :p

  2. anggun3 says:

    I wish! Dreaming this keeping me sane from the study-load or else ill go cuckoo. hahaha.

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