Hey ya all! it’s another long weekend for Malaysia. 3 days of weekend, yeay. and this time I decided to go out from the island for some weekend rendezvous. and to complete some assignment. I was required to visit one of the town in and out of Malaysia ( excluding Georgetown) to study on the urban design element for the urban design class assignment. At first, we decided to go to putrajaya for some research but in the end we choose some place nearer I.e. taiping. after snapping taiping, the whole (almost) studio went for some fun pack gateway to the lost world of Tambun. oh it was fun I tell you (hint: wait for the photos). I never laugh so much this year, haha. it was fun though.

So here I am, having my cranberry cooler an tiramisu and sitting at the lush leather armchair at klcc outlet. tired after running half of the day at ikea damansara and 2 hours at kinokuniya bookstore. I have yet to visit Zara boutique. ekekeke.

I’m looking for a book that explain the how-to of landscape construction but at the same time, I’m clueless on how good for that title should be. so I ended up walking out of kinokuniya, empty-handed. heh. next time then. 😉
oh and I bought a yummy White Chanel-like handbag from Charles and Keith. the latest collection. and Im loving it! apart from that, bought set of quilt cover,throw, bed cover etc from ikea. do u know all these while, in Penang that I’m using just one bed cover? yikes. haha. yes.
I’ll update again soon. wordpress iPhone not to my liking. I can’t adjust the format. hehe
have a nice weekend!

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