Lost World of Tambun


Have you been to one of Malaysia’s water/theme park (apart from Sunway Lagoon)? Ha,ha. If you are somewhere around north, Perak particularly, do drop by the lost world of Tambun. Below are some of the photos taken over the weekend. It was fun, I tell you! 😛

The area developed by the Sunway Group, the same developer as the Sunway Lagoon. There laid out a very interesting water features and a very lush landscape setting. They making full use of the background of the limestone hill at the back of the place and they even frame it with artificial (correct me if I’m wrong) lake and a swan.

The concept of the theme park is the lost world of Tambun, where the main building looks like a temple; ruins, where human work as gatherer, hunter and so on. Maybe, the concept timeline is during the Paleolithic era.

There were five elements of the theme park, namely wet park, amusement park, twin waterfall sandy beach, natural hotspring and tiger valley. I just love the wild cat. They are sooooooo adorable. I would love to touch and hug them if they weren’t a carnivorous. ha,ha.

Some of the activities offered in the park

A cave, for conference, meeting, private function etc

The big cat. No, not the blue racerback, I mean at the back! 😛

The hot-spring pool. to chill out, or not.

Petting zoooooo!

This is one scary tunnel-ride 😛 but SUPER-fun!

… and not to forget, a group photo! Jumpin’ jumpin’

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