Busy. Hey-yo!

I feel a lit bit better after a week of mid-semester break in KK. Oh, sorry ya’ll that I didn’t jot down much on the recent KK trip. There are no better words to represent how I feel. I can just smile thinking on how nice it was seeing familiar faces, and road 🙂 Catching up with ya all really soothe my soul. Thank you soooo much and I’ll see you again soon in a couple of week for raya!! And for those that i promised I’ll meet ya all, and didn’t- I’m so sorry, I’ve been caught up with work and all. I promise I’ll see you during this upcoming raya break. I promise, I promise sweets! 🙂

Ok this may not be an official invitation (I can’t invite ya’all here, or else, the whole wide web people – those in KK will come, haha), but come to my house during raya! 🙂 I’ll contact ya’all personally when the time come.

As for me, life goes on in Penang. Life becoming more & more hectic with studies-load and procrastination making it harder. Yep, got to drop the habit. 

I’m so fcking pissed that the art supplies in KK charging double for the T-square & other drafting tools. OMG. I can get half of the price in Penang yo. So F youuuuuu!

However, I do heart the KK shop at the same time, because they are selling the Daler-Rowney water color tube that I’ve been drooling to have & try on, on my painting. Oh I heart the burnt sienna & hooker’s green! Of course, it is fcking expensive as usual, but I’m not complaining on this. he,he.

To date, I’ve completed 6 perspective drawing due friday 9 am and currently watching youtube on how to build a spiral stairs in 3D model in Sketchup. I kinda behind the class when the tutor demonstrating it in class just now as my computer processing as fast as snail. Talk about core duo. Bluek! 


BTW, I bought a drawing board for drafting purposes. Sometime when it’s raining, I unable to go to the studio, I can just do my work in the room. ekekeke. 🙂

OK. Lame.


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