Sakae Sushi @ Queens


Argh. It is one of those days again. my mind twist things out and affected my emotion. Everytime I want to forget about it, it appear in all form and shapes. I was at Borders, Queensbay reading on the compass book (I’m up to chapter 7 now!), trying to fathom every chapters and when one to appear similar to my case, the name that I’m trying to forget appear in the book. OMG. How am I going to move forward when everything keep on reminding me of what I’m trying to forget? Argh. Or is it a sign that it is not over yet? It can’t be.

But everything keep on falling back to me. Not just a representative reminder, more into blunt name appearing before my eyes. i.e. In every book I read, movies I watch, people surrounding me.  I’m trying to let go of that I grasp and letting new opportunities come in but everything reminds me of what I’m trying to let go. Awww. 

It’s not fair. It really messes my head. I need to finish up 2 A3 detail objects sketching due tomorrow and I am procrastinating. 


I had chicken teppanyaki at Sakae Sushi just now.  Wow, long queue waiting to be seated. I talked to the manager trainee that I don’t mind sitting at the teppanyaki station since I am dining alone.  Pardon them for such a slow service, due to all tables occupied. The teppanyaki, I rather say not bad although the portion of the chicken and veggie are quite small as compared to the one in KL.

Bought an indoor plant in a blue bottle from one of the school stall. It seems like they (secondary schools around Penang) are having competition and they are selling their products today in front of the Starbucks. 

Apart from that, finally I bought my clinique moisturizer. Ah I can’t live without it. I’ve been having massive breakouts due to uncontrolled oil production on my face. he,he. 

I should be doing my sketching now. I am sketching my tennis balls and racquet. Not in the lecturer’s mind? Screw me for being different from others. It ain’t gonna bring me down 🙂

I am thinking of going for tennis practice after this. Arghhh!! I need to finish up my sketching first. 

Oh help. 

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  1. Anne Juan says:

    Sakae Sushi. My friends have been recommending me that whenever im back in msia. But i tot it was a lil bit expensive eh compared to mamak food…. then again, im comparing the price to mamak food. Haha. I shall try Sakae Sushi one day.

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