Tree-hugger planting trees?

Ha,ha you got it right. After another battle at the studio in the morning, the class off to the back of the school to plant fruit trees (Nephelum lappaceum and Garcinia mangostana) with a total of 15 trees. I am 5 shades darker now than my original skin color. Argh! Plowing is much more harder in real life than in facebook. hahahaha! 


Fellow landscapers & me 

27072009346One of the tree 🙂

27072009357School of HBP

Such a tiring monday. Right after tree-planting, I accompanied one of my classmate to the clinic. Seems that she’s having flu and cold. And nope, not the H1N1 influenza 🙂 I think it is due to the body overheating after the socio-economic survey at Bukit Jambul the other day. 

I’m trying to coordinate my merged cadastral map (in shape file) from the page coordinate to the real one. Getting lotsa calls from the classmates on how to merge and union features of the digitized cadastral map. Feels like a GIS-hotline now. 😛 I shall charge GIS consultation fees for my pocket money right? LOL. 

I need a hot cuppa of cadbury chocolate. Want some? 

p/s: photos taken using E71 

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