Hey ya all! It’s friday night & I am stuck in the room. heh. Typical me. I have yet to find my clique remember? Seems that the circle of people around here is either a) kiddo, b) too matured, married, unavailable, c) stick to their circle of friends. and me? deja vu again.. a lone ranger. Oh how I wish I have friends like grace & shanaz. 🙂 

I had dinner with my colleague at Sg Dua. Prior to that, went for grocery shopping at Tesco Extra. 🙂

Yesterday, I enrolled to the university’s environmental club. I requested the girl to explain what are their activities etc to me & she did. Glad the ydpm ( or something) was there too. Have you all heard of the white coffin? It seems like the whole campus is banning the use of white polystyrene. You can NEVER find any of that here within the campus. Upon purchase of anything within the campus are, you will not be given any plastic bag, only if you request it. Good way to reduce the usage of plastics. For more info, click here

The university promote healthy living & sustainable lifestyles! 🙂 

(Two thumbs up)

Apart from that, nothing much going on today. I woke up late today & m half & hour late for studio class. I was so scared that the lecturer lock the studio door but luckily it wasn’t. He sarcastically greet me good morning. ah. serve me right. 

I went to the PC/Book Fair at the Dewan Utama Pelajar (DUP). Managed to grab book on Project Management & a glossy paper for photo printing! yeay!

Tomorrow I’ll be roaming around Bukit Jambul housing estate as a surveyor. I am getting paid from the phD student to do a socio-economic survey for her thesis. he, he. 

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  1. Anne Juan says:

    I like the idea of conserving as much as we could regarding the environment. When I first got into Sydney, I was very amazed at their civic-consciousness. Plastic bags and let’s not mention the white coffins, are definitely frown upon. Here everyone carries their grocery bags when going to grocery stores or even shopping at topnotch boutiques. Whenever I go back to Msia, I always refuse plastic bags whenever I could – some people thought I’m weird. Anyhow I think people really need to develop awareness about the environment and also the importance of recycling recyclable items.

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