iPhone 3G-S

Just as I expected. But not much hardware improvement as I anticipated. Modest revolutionary nonetheless. Click on the image for more info! (photo credit: Apple).

iphone 3gs

The new iPhone 3GS (s meant for Speed) are:

1. Processor 2x faster than the existing iPhone 3G;

2. You can shoot video, trim the footage etc by just tapping your finger. Video in VGA though;

3. Comparable to existing other cell phone with modest 3MP with autofocus function;

4. Voice recognition & control. Yep;

5. err.. build-in digital compass. So you won’t lose your way around;

6. Internet tethering!! ;

7. Better battery life ( I hope so) but it is still non-removable. yikes;

8. Nike + iPod!! Woohooo! Finally! Nike + (I’m Apple and Nike freak. so haha!);

9. Bigger storage! yeay! 16GB and 32GB!;

10. Sending MMS instantly without using the swirlmms (or smthg like that);

11. Hardware upgrade that supportOpenGL|ES standard (Better graphic for gaming-purposes I suppose?);

12. Connectivity – The standard 7.2 Mbps HSDPA is supported;


My  wishlist (let down)the upcoming model:

1. Second-front camera ( I don’t care if the quality sucks);

2. Built-in FM transmitter (So I can sync my ahem.. iPhone to my car stereo without third party transmitter);

3. Apple logo on the back will glow – just like the macbook family.


I’m sooooo getting the white! 🙂 mark my word.

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