Island Hopping @ TAR Park

Island-hopping with dear Piare & her clan from Peninsular! At first I wanted to bring them to Manukan Island but soon end up to Mamutik Island & Sapi Island.

I tried Parasailing today! One Word: AWESOME! 🙂 

Completed another task: Snorkeling alone without any dive master to help me at Sapi Island. I managed to reduce my hydrophobic to minimum. I am able to flip around (with life jacket of course) between floating facing the sun & the sea bed. he,he.







IMG_7773I love this pic!

(@ren: so worth the roxy! Her pario color reminds me of the halter bikini!! wargh)

Oh I should be doing a medical check-up today. Oh well, can always go for the check up tomorrow

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  1. Ren says:

    Da, you should get the biki. I think it would totally be worth it because I know you’ll look VERY good in bikis. I know ok HEHE.
    Sorry can’t join you all (again) because just got back from Kg and I’m covered with too many agreements. Sometimes I think they are my Bfs.
    Pls schedule 1B with me before your move ok. Ala, going to miss you so much, but theres always FB and blogs rite! Keep in touch da da 🙂

  2. anggun3 says:

    awww ren, don’t tempt me bah. Unless i earn 5x i am earning now then i’ll just grab it & buy. Anyway, pls watch the price for me yah! Let me know if they put it on sale. 🙂
    hehe, yeah read yr kl trip post. sounds like a fun trip for u?

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