Saying.. I love you..

I suck at giving compliment and appreciating others. I really suck at this dapartment. Not complimenting your nice new blouse today doesn’t mean that I didn’t notice it. It’s just that i have a ‘monolog’ appreciation and I didn’t blurted it out to you. I’m sorry. It’s just me. 

Same goes when it comes to appreciating someone you love (or in this case, I). I seldom say I love you ma, or thank you for the gift, I love you pa, you are the greatest dad! or something in between. I simply kiss their hand & said, thank you very much for the gift. Yes, I am THAT formal. I grew up from the strictest protocol & etiquette as my dad is a walking protocol bible here.  I’ve been trained to be like that since I was little and I guess some people think I am cold, heartless person. I am NOT. I still have feelings you know. Somehow the way tackle the situation a lil bit different from normally what people expected. I don’t hug or kiss anyone, even not with relatives. I would feel awkward to do that. It’s just me. Sorry. Unless you are my boyfriend, I would jump on you by now. ha,ha.

So the point is, I have this kind of ego that I will not say anything first and wouldn’t do anything first before somebody else did. I am that kind of protective. I don’t simply shows my feeling to others. I am quite reserved with it comes to that.  

So mommy, I do love you so, so much though I hurt your feeling most of the time. I don’t simply say that to you but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.  You know how i have difficulty in expressing my feelings towards others including you.  I am trying to change and please do give me more time to do so. I am working on it.

Happy mother’s day to you. You are the most best-est mom anyone could ever had. And thank you for bringing me up to this world beautifully. Your one and only is growing up. Please give her space & time to fly away. You’ve done your part perfectly, it’s time to let go of her hand & watch her walk. 🙂

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