The texty-text


Apart from growing up & learning to stand up on my own feet, I got to change the habit of texting like a teenager. Old habit, die hard! This week How I Met Your Mother’s The 3-days rule realize that I should reduce the internet abbreviation and those sideways smiley face in my text messages. Urgh. Looks like a kiddo sending text messages to Zac Efron. Yikes!

I’m not that into texty-text anymore. I’m too lazy to text anyone, I rather call. I should reduce the ‘lol’ here in my blog too. lol. oops! no more l.o.l! Just grow up already iDa! ha,ha.

Funny that teenager & working young adult thinking totally two-world apart. I can’t help but to reminisce my ‘texy-text’ sent to flirt around when I was younger & to compare to now, it is straight to the point now. 😛

I guess my day of, hey ya, wuts up, jk, lol, etc should be over by now. OK, maybe among friends, I still use all that but for official text messages, I’ll be using the T9.

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  1. Anne says:

    These days I’m also lazy to text. And it doesn’t help that last time in college I seldom text coz mau jimat itu credit bah. HAHA. And if I text, it will be very brief. Now lagi lah brief. But i still put in the smiley icons lah, because wanna make my text the briefest as possible I could. It surprisingly summarizes what I wanna say pretty well. Like this: =p *naughty grin*

  2. anggun3 says:

    hahah yeah i still use that smiley face icon too but it would be wierd to send sms with smiley face to client. haha. so i stop using that for official business. But without the icon, the text messages sound so harsh & distance. oh well, some things are like that. 🙂

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