Update: September 2008

I’ve been busy with Heroes Season 3 and Gossip Girls Season 2. Apart from that, I’ve been in a emotional and physical turmoil within this few weeks due to my disturbed work-out routine (fasting month + the dang YF closed for very obvious reason: debt problem. Hello? this is KK, gossip spread faster than speed of light. sigh).

I’m deprived to get my adrenaline pump up. Will do after raya then. heee 🙂 In the mean time, I’m stretching and practising yoga at home.

Today, I have submitted my second EIA project report to the boss. Finally! weee! At least, one problem gone; 4 more to juggle. cest la vie.

I feel like a useless person too this month as I contribute zero effort in preparation for raya festive. Sorry to say but I’m not a very-festive person. I don’t need to have like 2-3 dozen of cookies for raya or a 3-4 pairs of raya clothes too. Mommy been doing the preparation since forever.
However, since I’ve started working and earning my own money, I feel guilty for not at least making an effort to help around in the house for raya.

So yesterday I decided to get a fruit cake for my mom. I’m VERY fussy when it comes to fruit cake. I love the christmas fruit cake; fruity, moist and yummy. I hate those dry fruit cake that you can easily buy from the supermarket.
So i marched to Delicatessen Shop, Hyatt KK and order a 1 and half kg of fruit cake with a special request of making it more more fruity and moist! 🙂

Oh last saturday, I had dinner with Singyee and her friend, Justina (and her bf) at Toscani’s Wine and Dine Cafe, Waterfront. It was fun catching up with her and knowing her friend. We end up being in the same environmental-field. Gave a few advice to J on the working life of a tree-hugger and its prospect in KK. Overall, I had fun chatting and dining with them. We should do more often you! 🙂

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