Jesselton Point

Jesselton Point, originally uploaded by anggun3.

I’m not particularly good in photography, yet as well as post-production of the image. This picture taken during the first outing with my baby and to hangout with Jessie at Jesselton Point.

That day was bleak, 4.30-ish pm and started to drizzle. I was still in dazed on configuring my baby and trying out different function on the camera. The result would be just a plain point-and-shoot image.

However, 2 days ago (after 3 months of shooting this image. lol). I tried to compose a two different exposure and enhance the color of the image with just a few clicks in the Lightroom 2. I’m not particularly happy with the result but this one looks better than the original image. heh.

I got to read and practice more on this. I need a guru. 🙂

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