Many happy days for you!

This post is dedicated to one of my close friend when I was in KL.  We first met during the orientation & she became my room mate throughout the orientation week in the University.  At first I was worried that I may not click with anyone as I am the type of person that will not get too friendly with other people.  Thankfully, we ‘clicked’ and this lead to a beautiful 3 years of friendship (and counting).

Reasons why I’m comfortable be friended with her is because we listen to the same type of music, we have the same taste in fashion, we love to talk ‘interesting’ things & we help each other out when one in trouble. Other than that, we both are the only child. LOL. So we understand each other as I mention in my previous post that the only & only is quite different from others (the way we think & see things).

So anyway, Happy Birthday to you my dear friend! May another year brings you more happiness, laughter & all the good thing in the world! 🙂

 I owe ya a birthday dinner! Claim it when I’m down in KL 🙂

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